The Path Called Life: by Keith Roger Sherer

The Path of life can be long or short
And for each of us is different.
For some it is straight and level
While for others it is windy and steep
But for most, it is neither
And yet, somehow, it is both.

And Many side trails branch off from
Or cross, or even join it for a ways,
And then the path grows wider
Wide enough for two or more to walk
Along side by side, sharing, caring,
Experiencing the new but ever old,
Seeing the same things perhaps in a
Different light yet enjoying them together
On this, The path of life.

Thus our paths joined for a while and
We laughed and played and grew Older.
During those brief times, our path was
Crossed by others, and joined also
And together we saw beauty,
Overcame fears and built new bridges.
Thus flows the path of life.

Now our paths part as is natural and
They may or may not cross again
At some juncture in time or place.
But I will remember when our
Paths did meet and were as one,
And will keep those times and places
Within me, and I will miss you.
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